AI INSIDE SUMMIT - Antonio Alvarez
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KEYNOTE –AWS: Strategic Artificial Intelligence vision

Antonio Alvarez will share with us how Amazon have been leveraging AI to innovate, Create new customer’s experiences and business model, and how through innovation and culture, AWS can help companies become digital and differentiate themselves by innovation.



Antonio Alvarez is Big Data and Digital Transformation champion at Amazon Web Services helping customers achieving success in leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics to achieve digital transformation and innovation. Antonio is Sales & Business Development Manager with international experience and knowledge of Global Organisations; Strong focus, commitment and energy in driving Success of SW solutions with deep experience in the Sales, Management and Leadership areas. He has successfully worked as a Business Development manager driving actions such as go-to-market initiatives, Value Selling standardization and enablement of the ecosystem, identification of gaps and fulfilment of needs, Deal Support, C-level discussions, etc..