AI INSIDE SUMMIT - Daniel Albertini
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Keynote & Masterclass – Artificial Intelligence => Augmented Intelligence => Automated Intelligence

Accelerate AI projects from months to days.

Most people call it AI, some others call it augmented intelligence, but in reality, you need automated intelligence.

Our first AI project took us months and a lot of funding from FFG. Now,
we’re able to do the same AI use cases better, faster and with a higher accuracy – in days!

a. What are we doing?
b. How are we doing this?
c. Where are we headed?


Daniel Albertini is CTO at Anyline. Daniel studied medicine & computer science at the Technical University of Vienna. He spent 5 years working as a part-time software developer at ARZ before co-founding an app agency in 2011.
He has worked as an iOS and Android developer since 2009. He was the creator of multiple top ranked apps on the Play Store and App Store. He is also the co-creator of the Vienna computer vision meetup group.
As a co-founder of Anyline, Daniel worked together with David Dengg to develop the company’s core product. He now leads a 18 person development team at Anyline. Daniel is 34 years old and is married with one son.