AI INSIDE SUMMIT - David Bricher
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Keynote & Masterclass – Challenges of A.I. Applications in Industrial Environments

Within the last decade the steadily growing number of machine learning applications seems to displace more and more deterministic approaches, which are based on classical mathematical models. Though being a powerful tool in specific tasks, a comprehensive usage of artificial intelligence in manufacturing environments comes along with various challenges.

In this masterclass we provide insight into the process of bringing a potential machine learning idea to series launch at the manufacturing plants of BMW. Thereby, we will mainly focus on the following A.I. use cases:

  • Human-robot collaboration in the engine assembly,
  • container recognition in the logistics.



David Bricher is one of the members of the Innovation Lab at the BMW Group Plant Steyr, focusing on the integration of A.I. applications in series production. He is doing his PhD thesis in the field of human-robot-collaboration and human body part recognition at the robotics institute of the JKU, Linz.

In 2016 David Bricher obtained his master’s degree in Technical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna. Within his master thesis he has focused on quantum entanglement systems in the research group of Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger.